See history come to life here in New Bedford! Travel down a cobblestone path, hear stories from whaling, the textile industry, and the Underground Railroad. Take a self-guided tour of our authentic New England Seaport, an active working waterfront and America’s #1 Fishing Port.

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New Bedford is home to the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, with stories from whaling, the textile industry, the working waterfront and the Underground Railroad. These stories are filled with people who are as fascinating as Melville’s fictional Captain Ahab who battled Moby Dick; and include Frederick Douglass who found his freedom and his voice in New Bedford, the activist Paul Cuffee, the great American artists Albert Bierstadt, William Bradford and Albert Pinkham Ryder and all the immigrants who labored in the textile mills and waterfront to build a life for their families. New Bedford is the destination for history and culture.

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