Scot Servis, Airport Manager

Mr. Servis was appointed as Airport Manager for the City of New Bedford in 2016. He is responsible for the overall direction of Aviation-related activities offered by the City of New Bedford. Specific duties include Budget Management, Grant Acquisition, Lease Management, Service Development, Air Carrier/FBO Relations, and ACM Compliance.

In addition to a Private Pilot License, Scot holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Bridgewater State University. His professional experience spans three decades in the Aviation industry. During that time, Scot has served as a Project Manager and Production Engineer on the Boeing 767 aircraft in Everett, Washington. Following his time at Boeing, he went on to hold positions with MassPort’s Boston Logan Airport.

An avid traveler and outdoors man, Scot enjoys visiting foreign countries and camping throughout New England with his wife.  


Michael Crane, Assistant Airport Manager

Mr. Crane was appointed as Assistant Airport Manager for the City of New Bedford in 2017. He is responsible for Airport Operations and the implementation of strategic initiatives. This includes 14 CFR Part 139 Airfield Maintenance & Records Compliance, Personnel Management, Airfield Training, and Wildlife Management.

In addition to a Commercial Pilot License, Michael holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management from Bridgewater State University. Prior to joining the EWB Team, Mr. Crane served as an International Operations and NFL Charter Supervisor at T.F. Green International Airport. He successfully helped manage Airside services for several foreign carriers and the New England Patriots’ Boeing 767.

Michael enjoys flying his Piper Cherokee around New England, as well as hiking with his girlfriend and Golden Retriever, Daisy 


Paul Barton, Chairman

VACANT, Vice-Chairman

Carlos DaCunha

Dr. Russell Olson

William Gushue

Gary Correia

The Seven Member Airport Commission is responsible for long-term growth of the Airport through strategic initiatives and community outreach.